Friday, June 27, 2008

News and Notes

Recently I've run across some interesting articles regarding race in regards to Barack Obama's candidacy.

First a blog entry over at NPR's News and Notes discussing why Michelle Obama is fair game;
Why Michelle Obama is "Fair Game"

Here is the NY Times article on Mrs. Obama;
After Attacks, Michelle Obama Looks for a New Introduction

- Just an aside; I truthfully think that the opposition will be attacking Michelle for the reasons they can't attack Barack; namely she Black; I mean she is a full blooded Afro-American. While a highly accomplished and articulate woman she does not come at you in the "post-racial" way as her husband ;and her frankness is something the right can clearly go at.

The creator of the infamous Willie Horton ad, Floyd Brown, is ready to attack Sen. Obama. There's just one thing; he's broke again article NY Times;
Ready to Attack Obama, if Some Money Arrives

Here's an interesting take on the Rev. Wright situation in the NY Review of Books;
Obama & the Black Church

Finally two articles on Obama from the Times; one describing his effect om Blacks in France; the other on how his back story made him accessible to the voting public;

For Blacks in France, Obama’s Rise Is Reason to Rejoice, and to Hope

Where Whites Draw the Line

Cyd Charisse recently died; in her honor here she is dance with Fred Astaire

"Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits. "

I come not to bury George Carlin because he's already dead

Sorry, for the bad joke but I think Carlin might chuckle or beat my ass. We mark the passing of comedian George Carlin who died this week at age 72. For many of us he was one of those dudes in the background; the one who made you inclined to laugh at the utterance of a four letter expletive. And while we might not have agreed with everything he thought white boy was funny.....

To take us out, his most famous piece The Seven Words You Can't Say on Television

Monday, June 09, 2008


I hope you can see the picture,

This past weekend marked my Ten year High School Reunion, I'm now old enough to have a reunion


I feel so old right now

I am now old enough to know some small child's momma or daddy. One of who's child reminds me of her at that age. I know have to halfway admit that I was winded taking stairs I use to take with little effort. I am now an adult (or more succinctly a future old ass man). I had been slightly apprehensive about going. In comparison to my life every little knucklehead I once spent a period of my life had changed. But the funny thing was when I walked up them steps and saw the first of the hundred or so that made it we slapped hands and hugged and fell back into familiar grooves with some differences. Some where married with kids some not. Many had enjoyed a few good meals. but they were the same the light in the eyes same personalites.

And we did what you do when old compatriots gather; we reminisced fell back into old patterns and went back if only for a while to a less complicated phase of our lives

And after three days, while happy to see them come I'm happy that's its over

I don't need nobody trying to age thru osmosis.


Class of 1998 GO WARRIORS!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Day After

Before I begin and this is in no ways disrespect

*&%$ Kansas, I mean it, $#@& them

Today is the day after the Final NCAA Men's Tournament. To say it has been a hell of a night would be an understatement. I do not know what to say or how to convey what I and possibly the millions of Tiger basketball fans are feeling. Not without using expletives. I am pissed and mad off my ass; I can't think on the subject for to long without violent fits or fists clenched at the heavens.

So bleep Kansas and Texas and Michigan and Mississippi State and most especially Tennessee.

Okay I also want to congratulate our University of Memphis Tigers for what was a great ass season 39 wins two losses. Beating the bleep out of UCLA taking this city on a wild ride and proudly repping this city. I want to shout out the reemergence of Tiger basketball and the sea of blue and gray that was seen this year. Thanks to CDR, Rose, Dorsey, and Allen for raising to the occasion. And to Coach Cal (I don't care if they think you slick you our slick). Thanks to Geof Caulkins for reminding us of Tiger's past.

Thanks for the ride March (and April) are a Brotherhood

want to say it has been a great experience for the school

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sorry but I don't have the Heart........

To Blog after the ?!@#$ over the weekend Memphis v. UT Knox we lost. How the could they you can loose to anyone and receive forgiveness but not if you loose to UT no; bull. So I've been in the position in the corner on media blackout. here is an article by the Memphis Commercial Appeals' movie critic John Beifuss (perhaps the only man in TN who didn't watch or care about the game)

Stuck Inside of Memphis With the Oscar Blues Again

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Info Dump 1

This is the beginning of an info dump on a range of topics; I saw this on the NY Times site.

First will. i. am on this year's presidential campaign

Second; scholars John McWhorter [Manhattan Institute]and Glenn Loury [Brown University] talk about Obama becoming Black; and McWhorter saying how Obama's speech pattern will appeal to the street; calling him [Obama] and Colin Powell "mutts"

Finally, the article that may affect John McCain's chances of winning the Presidency;
For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Observations from a Halfhearted Observer

I have been avoiding updating for awhile out of pure laziness; so sorry if you had to wait until now for something new.

With his recent successes Obama is posed to run away with this thing; which is probably pissing the hell out of Clinton. I can't blame; she has been planning this run since 99. She was the one who was the anointed one, she'd made the plans plotted the course, and now she is in second place. She should've seen it coming. All the negative karma that generated around the Clinton presidency got stored in her; Hillary was and is compared to every evil shrew of a wife found in history except Marie Antoinette. She has none of her husband's ability to convey empathy. She is more of a bureaucrat in regards to politics [someone who can create policy but not really sell it]. Secondly she doesn't have the new politician smell or back story that Barrack has. people know Hilary or at least the Hilary of the Lewinsky affair; some remember her on health care; and others about her years as a Senator voting for the Iraq resolution. She is not new nor is she magnetic in the way he is. The press likes him his entry and everything his image conveys makes him a topic for discussion even among those who don't like him. Clinton on the other hand is seen as a calculating and racist. A friend of mine remarked that Bill Clinton's "fairy tale" remark was racist; I remember hearing it and thought it not racist. So to close this ramble off a few facts about the race

Hillary Clinton has been on this course for more then ten years; do not expect her or her people to play nice or for her to take the VP position (and if she did it would be like JFK/LBJ ugly)

Whoever wins the nomination will have to face John McCain who is the most viable Republican candidate

Ralph Nader or Mike Bloomberg might get in

The same situation we are in now we will be in in 09

If Obama gets in making change happen might get in the way of governing [hope and change is good but not everybody has that on the agenda]

Lastly, here is an article by everybody's favorite race commentator Greg Kamiya on how he is saddened by Obama's choosing to be Black (I did not know it was a choice)

Biracial, but not like me

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Something New

First off thanks to all of you that read this blog more are on the way promise; to be different while I'm making minor changes Lupe Fiasco ft. Nikki Jean. this is a good one